Virginia Beach Museums & History

Virginia Beach Museums & HistoryAside from Virginia Beach's rich history, the area also features the added element of nature since it is one of the more popular outdoor destinations on the East Coast. The area's many stories as well as its beaches and marine life are equally spotlighted in its numerous museums. So, visitors and locals alike can take their pick as they choose between visiting museums that focus on some of Virginia Beach's more conventional history, or they can take the plunge and learn about all of the interesting life that is sustained beneath the ocean's blue surface.

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center
The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is considered to be one of the top aquariums in the country. Not only has the staff of experts earned widespread recognition for its hard work and commitment to excellence, but the facility itself is impressive in its own right. The most striking aspect of the museum is its more than 800,000 gallons of aquariums and live animal habitats that offer visitors a compelling look at the life cycles of the various life forms that live under the surface of the ocean.

Address: 717 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 - MAP
Phone: (757) 385-3474

Adam Thoroughgood House
When you visit the Adam Thoroughgood House in Virginia Beach, you get the opportunity to peer into not only the area's history, but that of one of the area's most influential families. The Thoroughgoods figured prominently in the establishment and development of Princess Anne County and the surrounding areas. While their contributions were many, their stately home is the main focus when you visit. This structure was built in 1636 and has the distinction of being the oldest brick house in Virginia. Once inside this house museum, you will marvel at the incredible furniture, artwork and personal items that are displayed prominently throughout the house.

Address: 1636 Parish Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 - MAP
Phone: (757) 385-5100

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art
The Contemporary Art Center of Virginia is a popular destination for both artists and art lovers of all ages. Not only is it a place where art is celebrated and highlighted with due respect, but it is also a wellspring of inspiration and encourages creativity in many ways. Of course, the many famous paintings and other pieces that are housed here are quite noteworthy, but the museum also offers classes, lectures and seminars that are all designed to foster a deeper appreciation for art and all that it offers.

Address: 2200 Parks Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 - MAP
Phone: (757) 425-0000

Francis Land House Historic Site
Virginia Beach is a part of the country that is steeped in history. One of the places that is packed with historical significance is the Francis Land House Historic Site. This majestically regal structure is a 200-year-old plantation home that is open for guided tours as well as special events and programs. Each room of the house museum features finely detailed furnishings, artifacts, antiques and personal items that all go to tell the story of what life was like among the gentry class all those years ago.

Address: 3131 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 - MAP
Phone: (757) 385-5100

Dinosaur Discovery Trail
There is no question that dinosaurs capture the imaginations of people of all ages. What is known about these compelling prehistoric creatures is equal parts fact and imagination. Those two elements are brilliantly combined and displayed at the Dinosaur Discovery Trail. Guests will marvel at the lifelike detail that has gone into the creation of these unforgettable exhibits. The museum is presented in an amphitheater that features five automated dinosaurs as well as a 40 minute cinematic production that gives even more detailed information about these amazing creatures.

Address: 524 J Clyde Morris Blvd, Newport News, VA 23601 - MAP
Phone: (757) 595-1900

Virginia Legends Walk
The Virginia Legends Walk spotlights some of the area's most historically significant figures in a highly unique and memorable way. The walk aims to honor great Virginians both past and present who have made a significant contribution to the nation and the world. Some of the more notable names already on this walk include Arthur Ashe, Cyrus McCormick, Pearl Bailey, George S. Patton, Katie Couric, and Ella Fitzgerald. The facility also puts forth several positive projects to help in the fields of education and public service.

Address: 484 Viking Dr. #151, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 - MAP
Phone: (757) 463-4500